SHIELD Advanced First Aid Ltd. is a family-oriented company based out of Spirit River, Alberta. We are proud to be celebrating over 15 years of business! Our goal as a company is to provide quality medic service, creating an environment of safety for both our clients and our employees.


SHIELD maintains a Certificate of Recognition through AASP (Alberta Association for Safety Partnerships) and provides industry specific training for all medics. When you hire SHIELD you don’t just get a medic with a valid ACP ticket; you get a medic that has been trained to understand and work effectively within the oil industry as a whole, and to accommodate differing requirements and industry dynamics. We are proud to be in contract with our esteemed Medical Director Dr. C.E. Lewis.


We provide employment with competitive wages, full aggregate, liability, and malpractice insurance, health benefits, work-related safety training, and hands-on training to prepare our medics to work effectively in the petroleum industry.

Among other benefits, SHIELD also provides “interim” housing during probationary period to help our new medics get started in this growing industry.

We pride ourselves in treating our staff like family. Our employees are the face of our company and the key to our success!